Single Family Homes For Sale In Ocala

Here you will find all the help that you’ll need to simplify search for Single Family Homes in Ocala. You will also find an easy-to-use real estate property search that features all the currently available listings located in Ocala Area. Need some free personalized real estate help? I’m only a message away!

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Marion County Single Family Homes

With a population of more than 360,000 in Marion County and growing, there is a need to expand single family homes in Ocala.

A single family homes is- a single detached dwelling containing only one dwelling unit and is completely separated by open space on all sides from any other structure, except its own garage or shed. … a singlefamily (homehouse, or dwelling) means that the building is a structure maintained and used as a single dwelling unit.

Real estate is all about location and then the style of home you like and what you can afford.   In Ocala/Marion County, we have a wide variety of styles of homes. Buckner Homes Realty is here to help you find what you are looking for in style and price and the lot size you would like.  Realtor’s can only sell buildings with land. Single Family homes can be mobile homes, condo, townhomes, site built homes, concrete block or frame. Most homes in Ocala/Marion County are 3 bedrooms that vary in size and lot size.

So many times a school district can determine where you want to live. There are many that want into Forest High School.  Marion County Schools website has a map for each school to show you borders of the area you would need to live in to go to that school.  Check out their site

The closest subdivision to Forest High School would be The Magnolias which have 6 subdivisions: Magnolia Manor, Magnolia Grove, Magnolia Ridge, Magnolia Park, Magnolia Forest, and Magnolia Pointe.

These were built from 2005 until present. Some have ¼ acre to ½ acre.  The homes range from $170,000 to $475,000 depending on size and if they have pool and upgrades.  There are other single family home near Forest High School that are not in subdivisions.

Buckner Homes Realty is here to help you find your dream home.  We get our customer the best deal on financing single family homes and the best deal on purchasing single family homes. Give Rhonda a call 352-266-2637.  You can find your dream home at

Some Subdivisions In Ocala Florida

Ocala is a great place to live for more than one reasons. Here are a list of subdivisions that you can live in that will help you love Ocala even more.


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