VA Loans – Who is Eligible and How to Apply

Active Duty personnel or personnel with previous qualifying military

Reserve visits, National Guard, and Coast Guard personnel with qualifying

Unmarried surviving spouses of veterans who died in service or missing in
action as a result of service-related activities.

Honorably discharged personnel.

Current US Citizens who served with our allies during World War II.

Public Health Service officers, cadets/midshipmen in the Army, Navy, Air
Force and Coast Guard academy.

A borrower Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is required. My lender can order one for you.

  • Applicant has to have a 580 credit score or higher
  • Applicant can be on disability
  • Applicant will qualify for 100% financing
  • Applicant will have closing costs, seller might be able to pay.

To obtain more information about how to get qualified for a VA loan Call Rhoda 352-266-2637

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